I'm an independent art director and graphic designer known for bringing bold elegance and high impact to the brands and organizations I works with.
Victoria Morozovskaya —
art-director, creative producer and graphic designer.
"The Crystal Ball of Pop", features interviews with celebrities, artists, musicians, and creative thinkers — Editorial design & Art direction
Photo project. Collaboration with photographer Elizaveta Porodina — Art direction
Special project for online store for buying and selling authentic items of premium brands — Art direction & Design
Brand guidelines development, art direction and design of visual content for a fashion brand — Art direction & Design
A campaign for jewellry and fashion designer for a select clientele around the world — Art direction & Styling
The first beauty media in Russia with the task of creating an environment for an honest dialogue between journalists, readers and cosmetic brands — Editorial design & Art direction
Special project dedicated to the anniversary of the legendary perfume release — Editorial design & Art direction
Campaign imagery for summer women's collection 2023 — Art direction, production & photography
New visual language and design update of fashion magazine — Editorial design & Art direction
Imaginary for multiple beauty editorials and brands — Art direction, styling, design & postproduction
An art project that reveals other facets of beauty and makeup — Art direction & Creative production
Сoncept development and photography for a food delivery service — Art direction, styling & photography
Short stories by Aliona Doletskaya — Editorial design & Art direction
Photography for a special advertising project — Production, art direction & styling
New life of the magazine with selected content in the field of design, art, technology, fashion and architecture — Editorial design & Art direction
Jewellery advertising campaign — Creative & art direction
Not just about food and cooking by Aliona Doletskaya — Editorial design & Art direction
Collaboration with legendary hat–designer Philip Treacy — Editorial design & Art direction
Campaign imagery for special project — Creative & art direction
Russian edition of one of the most iconic fashion magazines of all time — Graphic & Editorial design
Campaign imagery for the fashion brand — Art direction & Creative production
Photo story showing the transformation of the four elements of nature through fashion — Art direction & Creative production
A printed version of catalog showcasing a new product line collection — Editorial design, Art direction & Postproduction
A 50 year anniversary Jaguar E-type issue — Editorial design & Art direction